Newsgroups: alt.culture.internet
From: (Doug Merritt)
Subject: Re: emotions in text
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1993 18:11:52 GMT

In article <> @ (J. Random) writes:
>I was wondering how you could express emotion other than the >usual smileys.[...]
>So how do YOU express your emotions in messages?

Frustrating, isn't it? These black and white letters tumble together on our screens, dry dead leaves of soul scattered on the winds of the net, hiding our inner essence as it screams silently to the world, in vain hope that no man is an island, that perhaps a bridge may be built over the empty abyss that separates us all.

Sometimes I have been touched by a message from a warm heart, full of love, blowing kisses on a light spring day. Or from a friend, newly made, with enthusiasm and much to say, in discussions that come to span the globe and many years. I recall days when these things brought me a smile where I had none, a reminder that I was not alone, that I had friends, that love was not dead in the world.

Expressing emotions in words, yes, a problem quite original to the net. Someone should really study this issue.



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