David J. Grabiner


Here is a list of my publications with abstracts.

Here is the material for a graduate course I taught at the University of Michigan in Combinatorics and Graph Theory.

I was on the organizing committee for Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics '01, which was held at Arizona State University May 21-25, 2001.

As a less serious piece of mathematics, I have written the Declaration of Linear Independence.

Non-mathematical interests

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I have done some work in the analysis of baseball, maintain the computer game Moria, and play bridge.

These pages contain articles I have written on these subjects, and links to other Web pages for more information.

Somewhat related to my mathematical interests in random walks, I have designed a Microsoft Works/Excel spreadsheet for tracking asset allocation and another spreadsheet for comparing the tax costs of switching with a bad fund versus selling it and paying the taxes, and several other worksheets for keeping track of investments.

E-mail: grabiner@alumni.princeton.edu