Tax lot tracking

These worksheets can be used for keeping track of lots and capital gains. They include example data which illustrates the types of transactions you can enter, such as partial sales of a lot, share class conversion (for a mutual fund), and stock splits (for a stock or ETF). You would use a separate copy of the sheet for every mutual fund or ETF you hold.

Worksheet for a stock or ETF

Worksheet for a mutual fund

Worksheet for a mutual fund with purchase and redemption fees

Asset Allocation

These worksheets can be used to keep track of your asset allocation over all accounts, both taxable and retirement. They can adjust for the different tax treatment of different accounts; for example, you will be able to keep 100% of your Roth IRA, but if you retire in a 25% tax bracket, the IRS will take 25% of your traditional IRA.

Complete worksheet, with documentation

Simplified worksheet

Whether to switch out of a bad taxable fund

If you have a fund in your taxable account that you now realize is a bad deal, but you would have to pay capital-gains tax to switch, here is a worksheet which estimates the cost and break-even.

Worksheet and documentation

General disclaimer: These worksheets are not intended to provide financial or tax advice; consult a financial or tax advisor. Any calculations made with these worksheets which depend on future returns and taxes are only as accurate as the assumptions made about those returns and taxes. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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