I am the official maintainer of Moria. The current version is 5.6 Please Email me bug reports, including the version number and system.

The best place to ask questions about Moria is the Usenet group General questions about game play, discussion of suggested enhancements, and compilation problems on non-UNIX systems should be discussed there. Again, please include the version.

Here is the list of Frequently Asked Questions about Moria. This list is also posted twice monthly as a single file; you can get the latest version here.

PC executables, Linux sources fpr 5.6, and PalmOS executables for Umoria 5.5.2 are available.

Linux sources for Imoria are now available.

You can get the source or executables from the Moria Archive. Netscape has problems with this link, so you may need to go manually to to get the files. The files you are most likely to want are the following:

Another page which contains links to many spoiler files is Beej's Moria Page. For information on other, similar games, particularly if you are interested in programming them, go to The Roguelike News Page.

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