Frequently Asked Questions About the 1994 Strike

by David Grabiner

Last modified:

3/14/02: No changes; 2002 labor negotiations will be in a new document
2/14/02: Twins contraction blocked (A12)
1/14/02: Possible sale of Twins (A12)

This is an attempt to get quick answers to some common questions, to reduce repetitive discussion from newcomers who often don't understand the issues, and to provide single, authoritative answers so that doesn't get overwhelmed with several people making the same point, whether correct or incorrect.

Constructive comments, corrections, and suggested additions are welcome; please send them to me at In particular, I would appreciate suggestions from people who have some expertise. I have left square brackets in several sections; comments there would be particularly appreciated.

If you want to comment on an economic or legal point, make sure that you understand the underlying economics or law first.

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