The Murphy Y2K Project Compliance Page

See how Y2K testing is progressing

First Pass

The Corporate Guidelines are released and insist that all projects be subjected to Y2K testing. They insist that its for the good of the company.

We are a bit skeptical of the hype, but proceed with the tests.

Both projects pass as expected.

First Signs of Trouble

Corporate guidelines are revised. They seem to think that we couldn't have completed all necessary testing in such a short time frame. The new guidelines turn out to be a bit of a headache as they force us to test all the related support projects.

They insist that its for the good of the company and the project. We are more skeptical of the claims, but continue with the mandated testing.

Ooops. Willie fails the Y2K test, but this wasn't news. He's pretty oblivious and we're pretty sure he can be patched. Unfortunately, in an earlier unrelated episode, one of the MS Cats ate his eye patch. We've still got time to find another one.

Aggrivation Mounts

Corporate guidelines are further revised. Apparently we still finished the testing too quickly. They are now insisting that we test every part of the infrastructure that the project might ever need, want, touch, smell, sit on, trip over, eat, drink, or slobber on.

They insist that its for the good of the company. the project, our peace of mind, and the good of the country. We are very skeptical and are contemplating stocking bottled water and guns. Not that we're concerned about Y2K, but we may want to either drown or shoot the corporate powers that be.

We object that we already have more than enough to do and the new requirements are absurd. They counter with the fact that we should be grateful as they've proved that even our calendar is not Y2K compliant.

We can not argue this fact with them, mostly due to the fact we are speechless. It begins to dawn on us that useful dialog may not work, testing continues.

We were glad to see that we didn't have any problems with our window system or our reboot mechanism.

Final Straw

Corporate revises the deadline again. Instead of reading the new guidelines we submit the following as our Y2K compliance report.