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Information is available on East Bay ECKANKAR events.

Information is also available on the UC Flying Club.

Things of Interest to me

Eye tracking hardware and software

My first picture using painter 4

My second picture using painter 4

Call National Rehab Info Center (NARIC) 800-346-2742 for info about this assistive technology. They have been very helpful to me in the past.

Head movement devices. Orin Instruments's Headmouse Madenta's Tracker

VR devices. Career's Online's Alternative Pointing Devices page ISCAN home page

Eyegaze LC Technologies home page eyegaze review


I really enjoy watching them fly around. I have a feeder on a window about 5 feet from where I do most of my work. I am constantly visited by the lovely birds

Truths about Hummingbirds


Non Fiction

What Ever Happened to Justice by Richard Maybery.


Anything by Mercedes Lackey.

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