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search aid - Born in Los Angeles, software developer at Apple & Netscape, house on Menlo Ave at USC, El Camino HS, CSUN Northridge Maybe you found me, click and find out... :)
The newest version of my homepage is at
The older website is still here at old.index.html
This is an old (1995) and frequently hit site, so for the google bots... c hull, chris hull, christopher hull, christopher t hull, el camino real hs, christopher thomas hull, los angeles california ca united states us, sunnyvale ca, apple computer, netscape, mediagate, modacad, software, usc, menlo, devo, sine waves, renisance faire, usgrant, nozefngr , nozefinger, and nosefinger i suppose, lego spaceships, megagraphics, quickdraw gx, link to future family domain and web pages (put us on the top of google searches :-) norman hull, tom hull, catherine hull, jeremy hull, sharron hull
... and a big hello to John Ashcroft and the FBI for wasting my tax dollars and reading this source code... Sure wish robots.txt did what it was supposed to.