Peep & Georgette's Chronicles!

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Live Broadcast of Georgette's nest in our office

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Peep is our yellow parakeet, who laid eggs in a nest she made out of an old toner cartridge box on a shelf in our office. We're not sure which of our male birds is the father (Blue, Green or Sky). Peep's three babies are all out flying around our office now.

Georgette, Peep's daughter born in February '01, has just laid her second batch of eggs.

She's in a wooden nest box, (that Peep would never go near), and Georgette has laid five eggs in the box.

As you can see in the live camera feed (above), the camera is in the top of the box. It's an interesting view.

Blue is the father of these babies, and he's been dutifully going into the nest box to feed Georgette (and to make more babies), and often sits right outside the box. While Peep would come out of her nest box to get fed by one of the other birds, or to get some food or water from the cage, Georgette seldom goes out of the box. Peep never let any other birds in her nest.

If both Blue and Georgette are in the nest, Georgette is the one with a patch of lighter feathers on the back of her head. You can't see the colors on the black and white camera.

All of our parakeets fly around our office all day, often dive-bombing employees or visitors... flying past within an inch of their head!  You'll even feel the tip of their wing hitting your face. They sometimes zoom around our office in a flock, but they tend to stay out of our warehouse. Luckily, they've found places to land where it doesn't make much of a mess in our office. They seem to be smart enough to stay away from the door. Our company is a wholesale distributor of telephone equipment in the Chicago area.

Below are pictures from Peep's second batch of eggs.  The first of the second batch was laid on May 8th, 2001. She laid a total of 4 eggs.  Only one of the four hatched.  Donna named it June Bug, since it hatched on June 1st.

Here is a picture of 12 day old June Bug trying to stand up.

A picture of 13 day old June Bug in Donna's hands.

Here are 3 pictures from right after June Bug's birth, you can really see how much a bird grows in 13 days...
Thanks to Bill Stone and Shirley for watching and capturing these pictures for us!

Green, Blue and Peep sitting on Donna's Pink Cadillac

Green, Blue and Peep sitting on Donna's Pink Cadillac.

Peep chewed the hole you see in the pictures below in an old toner cartridge box sitting 8' up on a shelf in our office, and proceeded to make a nest. We took the stuff out of the box, and cut holes in the side to fit the front of two 900mhz Wireless Infrared Cameras (it's actually very dark inside the box). The cameras face each other. Since Peep likes to sit with her tail feathers over the lens of the rear camera, we put two cameras in the box and the picture you're seeing is probably from the one under the front entrance hole in the nest.

Since the box was cardboard, it was getting chewed to the point where she didn't like it anymore. She started trying to get into the boxes of merchandise in our warehouse - which we had to stop! We drilled a hole in a piece of plywood, and taped that and a few more pieces of plywood around the box (including the bottom since she was chewing through that too!). You can see the shredded cardboard etc. laying inside the box.

After Peep's babies were on their own, it seems that Peep wanted to make another nest. She started making holes in the ceiling tiles in our office. She would spend a day or so, there'd be a 2" hole in the tile, and she'd be up in the ceiling for a while. We replaced the tiles with plastic lenses for lights, which seemed to make her mad. She proceeded to make a bunch of holes in the ceiling. Donna and I were going to clip her wings so she couldn't make it up to the ceiling, but she got out of my hands as I held her in the towel. We were about to try it again the next day, when Chuck suggested that we give her another toner box - so we did. We cut a little starter hole in it, right where the old one was, and she seems to be quite happy in her new nest.

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Sky and Green sitting on top of the wall where the "nest" was located.

This wall divides our office and warehouse.


Click Here to See Bigger Picture The Infrared Camera taped to the outside of the box, with the lens poking through a hole cut in the box. Some paper towels are stuffed around the camera to keep the birds from destroying it.


Click Here to See Bigger Picture  This is the stack of used toner cartridges where Peep decided to make a nest.


Click Here to See Bigger Picture Peep sitting on top of the wall in front of the nest, with Sky sitting on top of the nest. You can see the plywood pieces taped to the box.


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Looking into the hole in the nest.

The IR LEDs glow blue in the picture, but you can't see them with the naked eye. It's dark in the box.

You can also see light around the camera lens, where we cut out the box.

Click on the picture, and you'll see Peep sitting in there.

Some pictures from the previous batch of eggs...

The first baby hatched on 2/19/01, and the second one on 2/21/01. We named the first one Georgette, since it was the first and it was born on President's Day (and is a female which we found out later). George is the smaller one. When the other four eggs didn't hatch, we took them out of the box.

Georgette flew out of the nest box on 3/22/01, so we put them both in the regular cage, and took the nest box away. Boy, it really went by fast! This was really fun, and everyone in our office enjoyed the whole thing. Even delivery people would check the TV when they came in the office to see how Peep's babies were doing.

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Here's the smaller baby, George, in the nest box. Just starting to get tail feathers.

Click Here to See Bigger Picture  This is Georgette sitting in Donna's hand. She seemed to like it there, and fell asleep.

When I tried to put her back in the box, she held on to my finger with her rather big feet with sharp nails.

Click Here to See Bigger Picture  Another picture of Georgette sitting in Donna's hand.

The egg gives you an idea of where she came from only 20 days before!

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The babies, Peep and Sky on Donna on 3/22/01.

You can see Georgette peeking out of Donna's hair in front of Peep.


Click Here to See Bigger Picture A close-up of Peep and Georgette.

Donna said she had "goose bumps" from all the birds on her.

"What's going on here?" I think Peep was feeling like she was losing control, at this point.


Click Here to See Bigger Picture  The little baby and Georgette.


Click Here to See Bigger Picture Another close-up of Peep and Georgette.


Click Here to See Bigger Picture  The little baby on Donna's shoulder.


Click Here to See Bigger Picture Another one of the little baby and Georgette.


Click Here to See Bigger Picture  They look like they're having fun in Donna's hair!


Click Here to See Bigger Picture The little baby and Georgette in Mike's hands.

You can see the bright blue color on Georgette's cheeks. Those same spots are grayish on the little baby.

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The 2 babies on 3/22/01, resting on Mike's chest. Georgette is on the right.

Here's Some Technical Info...

The 900 Mhz. Wireless Camera and 5" Monitor / Receiver for $249.95 is at Radio Shack's web site. Click HERE to go to Radio Shack's page.  

I bought ours at Hammacher Schlemmer a couple of years ago for about that price. These cameras don't seem to get along well with 900 mhz cordless phones, and vice versa.

The Monitor/Receiver has RCA jacks so you can put it into a TV or VCR. We took that output and connected it to the "Video In" jack of a Matrox Video Card in a spare PC. The PC is running Webcam32, which is a program that takes the live camera feed and creates a jpg of the picture every few seconds (digitizes it). It then FTPs the jpg up to our web site (at our ISP) every few seconds. That PC is always connected to the Internet through our office DSL line (this wouldn't be possible on a dialup connection from a $$ standpoint!).

The Matrox Video Card also has a "Video Out" jack, which we put into a TV / VCR so everyone in the office could see it on a bigger screen. Since the camera has a mic, we also get the sounds from the nest on the TV on the "Audio Out" jack.

The color photos on this page were taken with our Kodak DC-265 digital camera. We've used it for the last couple of years for our catalog pictures, and it does a great job. Click HERE to go to Kodak's page.

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