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Some Notes About Cookies and this Web Site

YES, with the redesign of the Community Christian Church Website I *am* offering you a 'cookie' on each visit, and seeking same in return as part of the presentation. Let me tell you what is in the cookie, and how you can avoid it if you wish to do so.

On your first login since the redesign was complete (July 26, 2003) I asked for your name. Because I respect your privacy, you were given the option of letting the default be 'Church Visitor', although if you gave your name, you will see it in the greeting each time you are on this page. If you chose the default 'Church Visitor', then that is what you will see each time hereafter. The cookie contains *only* these items: your name (real or alias, whatever), the number of times you have been at this page, plus the date and time of your last visit. If you blanked out the prompt space entirely, then the site will only respond to you with a time of day greeting, i.e. 'Good Afternoon'. A cookie will still be created and passed to you, if you accept it.

The cookies are only for amusement and esthetic purposes as part of the presentation. They are not sold, examined by any third party or myself. After awhile your computer will dump the cookie automatically if you do not come back here.

You are certainly free to refuse cookies or remove them from your computer at any time. The only difference you will see in the presentation here is that absent a cookie for me to examine when you arrive, you will time and again get the prompt box asking for your name, and the starting page will repeatedly claim that your name is 'Church Visitor' that you have been here zero times before, and that your last visit was December 31, 1998 at 6 pm .. (that is a bug I have not worked on yet). Acceptance or refusal of cookies (or later removal of them) plays no part in your ability to view this site.

Nor do we really care who you are. Our Privacy Policy can be stated in a sentence or two: It is absolute. We do not log names. We *do* get traffic statistics, broke down only to the site name but not the user at the site. We are more interested in how many people look at one segment of the presentation or another, not which user actually does what in particular. We do examine your browser type on each visit (whether Netscape, Internet Explorer, other, and version) because there are certain HTML commands which are browser-specific. We have to issue these commands from within a script as part of your browser exam in order to avoid conflict with other browsers and their interpretation of things. Most notably this applies to IE-4's acceptance of 'bgsound' versus Netscape's requirement for 'embed src' to do the same thing, i.e. play music.

In the near future, we will also be examining your screen resolution in order to provide the best quality type font and size for each user. I have no plans to examine your hard drive or your type of video and sound attachments in order to secretly turn them on so I can listen to and watch you ... grin .... LOL and all that ...

And that's the story here on cookies and privacy. I'll never send you mail you don't want, send pop-up windows to you, structure my pages to individual users based on browsing habits, nor provide your name to any other party not helping me with the Community Christian Church Website Nor will you ever see any direct advertising here unless you go to the sponsor's page. I don't accept much advertising, preferring instead to rely on friends of the church as needed.

Patrick Townson

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