Rob Robertson's Home Page

I work in an office with a computer.
I'm pretty unique.

My friend Craig seems to think I need a Home Page, but until I get time, this will have to do.

I had one once, but it got outdated. That was a long time ago.

Oh, I when I was at hotwired, I wrote some articles on:

Since I did a report on the Tweed ring in jr high, I've always been a fan of Tom Nast cartoons.
This is one of my favorites:

People say I look like the guy, with glasses, on the right.

Here is a web page of my family, by our dog, Shelby, which is sadly outta date.

I built a camping kitchen box, off of plans I found on the Web. It stores one's cooking stuff and provides a nice place to prepare food. Those plans can be found here.

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