Picture of Shelby
that's me, plhhht!

Hello, I'm Shelby and Welcome to my Web Page.

Hi, I'm Shelby, and this is my web page about me, where I live, places I like to visit and the people in my life.

I am a very pretty black dog. I have brown eyes, am two and a half years old, enjoy running, and am a trim 75 pounds.

I like hacking computers (BSD Unix) and do a bit of daytrading, though I lost a bundle on pets.com.

Here's what I currently have up, please remember that this page is always under construction.

My Family.

Here's a picture of our family.

The lady is Stephanie, she's the tall one (many people confuse the two of us, cuz we look alike), and the guy is Rob. They are ok, although they won't let me go to the park by myself.

I'm the one by Rob. The other dog is, Lucy, my sister, the pest. But more on her, in a bit.

Picture of Stephanie, Rob, Shelby and Lucy

Picture of our house
Where I Live

This is where I live with my family. I like it here, we're high up so I can get the jump on any dogs, or cats that think that they have a need to walk by.

We live in Puddletown, Oregon. It rains alot here. Mud!!! I used to live in California, so I'm really a California girl.

My Sister, Lucy

I have a little sister, Lucy. She was born January 1st, 2001. I'm not sure if I really like her. She keeps biting my ears, and tail. I don't really know what is up with her. And all she ever does is want to be close to me. It can be so annoying. She is really embarrassed about this baby picture. Check it out.

She keeps telling me she's a flat-coated retriever . I tell her I'm a princess and I know better than to piss on the rug. So there, what does she know?

Another thing she keeps doing is trying to suck on my nipples. Ouch!!! If I wanted to be a mother, I would never of had that operation.

Now, Lucy, who does everything I do has her own web page.

Picture of my sister Lucy

Picture of my sister, Shilo, and Me
My Sister, Shilo

This is my older sister, Shilo, and I. She is a golden retriever. She was very sick and died in January of 2001. She was only two and a half years old. This picture was taken at Christmas, when our owners made us wear goofy Santa hats.

She was really good. Boy! Did she love chasing balls and swimming! She never bit me and loved me very much.

I miss her terribly.

Laurelhurst Park

My favorite place to visit, is really close to my house, Laurelhurst Park. It's really pretty. It's got mud, trees, squirrels, a pond, and ducks. I used to like to go swimming after the ducks, but now I'm a squirrel dog.

Here are some pictures of it. Check me out drinking from the fountain. I love Spring.

Laurelhurst Park Sign

Picture of Mount Tabor
Mount Tabor Park

One of the places I go almost every day is Mount Tabor. It's a cool park, overlooking Portland, with many great smells, squirrels and other dogs. Dogs are supposed to be on leash, but I have cool owners.

The other day we took some pictures. There are some good ones of me.

Too bad Lucy has to stay in the car, while I run around the park. NOT!

The Dog House

I like the Dog House too. It's a hot dog place really close by. I like going there. They have pictures of me and Shilo and my owners there. They give dog treats too!

Last summer they ran a dog rodeo, and I won! I and my owner, Stephanie (the really pretty one), won the look-a-like contest. Here is a picture of us so that you can see the resemblence. I'm the one on the left.

I think we look alot alike too. Many people tell me they think we're from the same litter.

Picture of the Dog House

Picture of the Beach and Shelby
My Trip to the Beach

Being a California girl, I like the beach alot. I like swimming, chasing seagulls, running up to people and stuff. What's alotta fun is pretending to be still for a picture, then moving really quickly. Ha! Ha!

But seriously, our family over nighted at Cannon Beach, Oregon the other day, and we had alot of fun. Here are some cool pictures we took.

It was Lucy's first time at the beach. I tried to show her the ropes, but she's afraid of the surf!!! What a big baby!

If you want to send me encrypted mail, shelby@remarque.org, here is my PGP Key:

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