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OK, here's a motley assortment. This is not yet in any way complete, organized, or automated. If you think I'm simply going to mirror my bookmarks file, you're confused..;) Besides, it cascades columns to the edge of screen, which is a bit excessive and unwieldy, so here is a pruned-down version of fun bits. I'm hoping to figure out some recurring themes here to group them by, and get the bits I find to be the best, most useful, reference points, etc. listed here.

Gift ideas (I'm told I'm hard to shop for)

A good place to mailorder film: Freestyle Sales Co.
A good place to mailorder new equipment: B&H Photo
A reasonable Bay Area photo shop: Keeble & Shuchat
Another reasonable Bay Area photo shop: Adolph Gasser

Smallest web server?
Beowulf-Supercomputing with commodity PCs


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