I Guess You Had to Be There...

This is my vanity-published geek humor page. Escape while you still can....

From here, you can larf yer lungs out with A Sigh-Fie Flick or A Modest Human Resources Proposal

On a darker note, there was my not-totally-tongue-in-cheek rant on the Bazaar model of software development, now with a retrospective preface. (For who? "Posterity"?? As if!)

If you're into Japanese and linguistics thereof--yes, I know, this is getting really obscure--check out "E' = N' = 0". (No, this has nothing to do with Brian Eno.)

In the almost-too-bitter-to-be-really-funny department, here's my take on creativity in the Japanese corporation.

Lightening up a little, you can read about my erstwhile career in Real Hacking