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Welcome to my home page. I'm not going to call it "under construction," because that would mean it's been under construction for two and a half years now. So, I'll just call it unfinished, and add that I doubt that I'll ever consider it "finished."

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I'm a member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Actually, I'm house president. I co-wrote the home page for the California Chapter. It's still not finished, but we're working on it.

I have the obligatory on-line resume. It's only in Microsoft Word format at the moment; I should have text and Postcript formats up soon. Maybe someday it'll even be in HTML.

Here are some of my contributions to the web (baseball sites, of course):
The 1995 Baseball Statistical Archive: an archive of some of the country's top analytical work.
The 1996 Archive, which I haven't updated yet.
The Internet Baseball Hall of Fame, which is looking for a new curator now.

I play in a simulation baseball league, called The Midwestern Baseball League. We draft our own teams, and then use Diamond Mind Baseball to play the games.

Some of my friends' pages:
Vipul "Pimp Daddy" Kumar
Dorinda Hahn
Loreena Wong
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Rishi Sharma
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Vinay Kumar
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